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Full Sun = Full sun
Full Sun = Partial shade
Full Sun = Shade
Full Sun = Drought Tolerant
Full Sun = Moderate moisture
Full Sun = Wet
Picture Common name Scientific name Height Color Flowering Period Light Requirement Moisture Requirement Description
Common yarrow - Achillea millefolium Common yarrow Achillea millefolium 8-16" white June-September
Perennial herb with feathery, lance-shaped leaves that are evenly distributed along stem. Flowers clustered, forming flat white top.
Western Columbine - Aquilegia formosa Western Columbine Aquilegia formosa <36" red spring
Tap-rooted perennial; delicate looking divided leaves. Good hummingbird, butterfly, pollinator plant.
Fireweed - Epilobium angustifolium Fireweed Epilobium angustifolium 4-6" Dark pink July-September
Perennial herbaceous plant. Showy 1" flowers on terminal spike.
Blue Flag Iris - Iris missouriensis Blue Flag Iris Iris missouriensis 12-24” Blue to purple May-July
Perennial; rhizomatous with grass-like foliage and showy flowers. Prefers seasonally wet areas; moisture important through flowering period.
Rydberg’s penstemon - Penstemon rydbergii Rydberg’s penstemon Penstemon rydbergii <24” Blue to purple May - July
Beautiful when planted in masses. Prefers early season moisture. Habitat: meadows to moist open slopes from foothills to mid-montane.
Oregon Checkermallow - Sidalcea oregana Oregon Checkermallow Sidalcea oregana <24” Light pink July to September
Perennial with flowers growing in spike. Host plant for butterflies. Eastern Cascade species growth habitat ranges from sagebrush steppe to seasonally wet meadows to ponderosa pine forests.