Custom contract growing services

Clearwater Native Plant Nursery can custom grow various sizes, quantities and varieties of plants to meet your landscaping or restoration needs.  We can hand collect seeds, cuttings or propagules and grow plants as specified or propagate plants from seed that clients provide.

Consulting on restoration projects

Clearwater Native Plant Nursery can visit proposed project sites and develop localized species lists, taking into account a particular habitat or variation in microclimate to help ensure the success of outplantings.  Clearwater can recommend particular plant species or sizing of containerized plant material most suitable for individual project sites. 

Planning projects

Advanced planning is essential to successful project implementation.  Our nursery works closely with prospective clients to properly time availability of plant material, as each species has different growth requirements.  Projects that require site-collected seed should be initiated at least one year in advance.


A 25-50% deposit is required  to initiate a custom grow contract, with the balance due upon delivery.  The amount of deposit varies on the size and complexity of each contract.  Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.