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Full Sun = Full sun
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Full Sun = Shade
Full Sun = Drought Tolerant
Full Sun = Moderate moisture
Full Sun = Wet
Picture Common name Scientific name Height Color Flowering Period Light Requirement Moisture Requirement Description
Thin leaf alder - Alnus incana Thin leaf alder Alnus incana 6-15’ spring
Deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub or small tree found in riparian areas of eastern Cascades.
White alder - Alnus rhombifolia White alder Alnus rhombifolia 50 - 80’ spring
Deciduous tree with gray bark. Mature trees multi stemmed. Water dependent.
Redosier dogwood - Cornus sericea Redosier dogwood Cornus sericea 4-20’ white June-August
Deciduous shrub. Red to purple bark and twigs provide beautiful winter landscape. White berries provide fall and winter food source for wildlife. Prefers seasonally moist areas.
Twinberry - Lonicera  involucrata Twinberry Lonicera involucrata <9’ yellow summer
Erect, deciduous shrub. Tubular flowers in pairs. Black ‘twin’ berries not edible.
Pacific ninebark - Physocarpus  capitatus Pacific ninebark Physocarpus capitatus 6-12’ white April - July
Erect, deciduous, spreading shrub with peeling bark. Maple-leaved foliage turns Reddish brown in fall. Rounded clusters of creamy white flowers.
Black cottonwood - Populus  balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa Black cottonwood Populus balsamifera ssp. trichocarpa 100-200’ March - June
Fast growing, large tree with branching trunk. Yellow fall foliage. Aggressive root system supports streambank stabilization.
Quaking aspen - Populus  tremuloides Quaking aspen Populus tremuloides 16-50’ May-June
White bark and brilliant, yellow fall foliage. Provides food and habitat for wildlife.
Stinky currant - Ribes  hudsonianum Stinky currant Ribes hudsonianum <5’ white May - July
Erect deciduous shrub. Flowers growing on up to 6” stalks in clusters of 6-15.
Prickly currant - Ribes  lacustre Prickly currant Ribes lacustre 3-4’ white May-June
Deciduous shrub with prickly stems. Bell-shaped flowers occur in drooping cluster of 5-15.
Woods rose - Rosa woodsii Woods rose Rosa woodsii <5’ pink June - August
Multi-branched deciduous shrub with red stems, prickly on the lower portion. Orange-red rosehips remain throughout winter, providing food source for birds. Prefers moist soil but may be found in drier, open areas. Rhizomatous growth; excellent for stream stabilization or erosion control.
Alpine spirea - Spiraea densiflora Alpine spirea Spiraea densiflora <36” pink June
Deciduous shrub with pink dome-shaped flowers. Found in wet meadows and streams at high elevations.
Douglas spirea - Spiraea douglasii Douglas spirea Spiraea douglasii 3-6’ white July
Deciduous shrub with dense, pink elongated flower clusters. Found along marsh edges, wet meadows and streams. Rhizomatous growth; excellent for stream stabilization or erosion control.